What I’m doing now.

As at January 2019:

Living in Wellington, and have just started a new job working at BNZ Digital as a Digital Product Owner. I’m loving being the dumbest person on the floor. I’m slowly figuring out how I can best help the people and teams I’m working with.

Before and after that I’m working on how to make the Shoebox Christmas project more beneficial, easier to use for others, and less of a logistical/management nightmare for me, at the same time. That’s going well, I’ve got some awesome friends helping me build a database and software solution that will make it easier to help more kids across Wellington and New Zealand. Super fun.

The other thing taking up my pre-work and pre-family mornings at the moment is re-writing a book I published a year ago. It’s just a little one, 30,000 words, and a whole lot of messages – I wrote it for my daughter and put it in print for two purposes;

  1. Having a copy for my daughter when she’s old enough to read it.
  2. I think those same messages are worth spreading wider – so that’s what I’m doing.

I haven’t written anything creative other than music since I left college, and I’m loving the process. I’ve been writing and re-writing every morning for last two years. I’ve been studying and learning all those rules of style and grammar they teach at school, and then you forget. It’s fun to be learning some I love, it kind of reminds me of the late nights in front of Cubase trying to learn how to mix my songs.

I’m not writing making much music at the moment, my morning hour of writing/re-writing stories is satisfying me creatively, so I’m not carving out any more time than that for art.

And that’s what I’m up to.