Percieve – Always be there Percieve video clip by James Simpson, produced by C1.

Tēnā rawa atu koutou mō te aroha. Thanks everyone for the love. One of the highlights of picking up this award last night on behalf of the Shoebox Crew, was the fact someone from New Zealander of the Year Awards spent the time to find this oldie and play it as I walked to the […]

Meet the Barrett whanau the guardians of bird-lover’s paradise Kapiti island and Kapiti Island Nature Tours lodge – thisNZlife The vast majority of Kāpiti Island is a nature reserve. But 20 hectares of the iconic island is privately owned by a whānau dedicated to preserving their whakapapa — including the land and everything upon it — and sharing it with the world. Words: Lee-Anne Duncan Photos: Tessa Chrisp On Kāpit…

How we got here and what we’re doing. from Pera Barrett via IFTTT

Shoebox Christmas Christchurch Charity Organization

Kia ora koutou, if you’ve got friends in Christchurch who might want to take part in Shoebox Christmas this year, share this page and let them know. If YOU are in Christchurch, follow the page and I’ll let you know when sign-ups open. You can also find out more about the project here: – […]

Wild Botanicals sign up page Created with ingredients sourced and inspired by the beauty of Kapiti Island Nature Reserve, Kapiti Island Wild Botanicals is a boutique collection of skincare and wellbeing products. We are passionate about organic and sustainable practice in our lives and business, which is why only the best quali…

There’s not much I enjoy more than seeing good people doing good things. My cousin Pania and sister Maia have been working away at this choice boutique skincare range for a while, and it’s nearly ready. Check out the page if you’re interested in hearing when it’s ready for sale online. Ngā mihi, Pera from […]

Mike This is the 3rd and final video in our suicide prevention series. In the first two ads the focus was firmly on connection (reminding people they are loved) rather than intervention (I’ll fix the problem). During the series the little boy stood in the background as his big sister connected with stressed whanau, reminding them they are loved and valued. This video powerfully demonstrates the impact our actions have on the little people in our lives. Kids don’t learn by what we say, they learn by what they see.

“Kids don’t learn by what we say, they learn by what they see….” from Pera Barrett via IFTTT

Bottling expansion could see 9 billion litres of pristine Christchurch water sold overseas A Chinese-owned firm planning to bottle billions of litres of Christchurch water is building a second factory in the city.

“Cloud Ocean paid $2277 for its 1.57 billion litre annual water take.” That’s not a smart trade/resource management. This sounds like one of the things we’ll look back at in ten years and say “Oh… yeah, that was a really dumb way to do that.” from Pera Barrett via IFTTT

Making the most of the moments – Pera Barrett Life ends, and it’s not up to us when, I hope you choose decisions that make the most of your moments, especially with the people you love.

I think this is one of the more important letters I’ve written Huhana and Kāhu. It’s definitely me remembering as a ‘grown-up’ too. Feel free to share it if it’s worth reading. from Pera Barrett via IFTTT

Mike We made this video (as part of a series) to show how simply you can talk to someone who may be having suicidal thoughts. We were trying to demonstrate that when having a conversation on this topic the most important thing is not to try to ‘fix’ the problem but to show that you care. ❤️❤️❤️ Suicide Prevention is Everyone’s Business

❤️❤️ “When having a conversation on this topic the most important thing is not to try to ‘fix’ the problem but to show that you care.” from Pera Barrett via IFTTT