Once Were Warriors 25 years on: Violence, addiction, sexual abuse – what has New Zealand learned? A blinding spotlight revealed NZ’s ugly issues with family harm, alcohol and crime. Has anything changed?

I’m sure some saw/see this book/movie as nothing more than fiction. What have we learned? Not much. Way too much of my job in Shoebox Christmas is still about explaining how different life looks for the kids the project is set up to help. That difference shouldn’t be news. As long as we’re not looking […]

Yo. If ‘the fight of your life’ is one to be allowed to tell your 280k followers that my gay mates and whānau are inherently evil, while keeping your $5m property portfolio sweet… you can’t have my money. If you don’t think there are bigger problems the world could solve with three million donated dollars right now, or even just your contribution… take some time and look around, please. Here’s a few places to start, there are lots more. KidsCanNZ , Variety New Zealand , Pillars (Shoebox Christmas doesn’t need any putea at the moment). No names or links, I don’t wanna send that kūrapa/nonsense any more clicks or views than it already has.

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Me: “New early morning routine is feeling good so far. Coffee, meditate, te reo lesson, write some of m–” Kāhu: “Shut up. You’ll get up when I tell you to.” 😥 Inspiration gets you started, discipline and routine helps you finish… 18 month olds make you question what you did with your daily 16 hours before they arrived and remind you all that matters is the miraka/milk 🍼🍼

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TED “The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is connection.” — Johann Hari Watch the full TED Talk here: http://bit.ly/2Kv2NjN

This is a three-minute watch and worth way more than that. from Pera Barrett http://bit.ly/2HjUBAC via IFTTT

Piri’s Tiki Tour TONIGHT I’m on Kapiti Island! Tune in this evening, 8.30pm on Māori Television.

Takutai showing Piri Weepu how to dive on the island. Huhana: “That’s my cousin! That’s my cousin!” (My inner voice: “That’s my nephew, that’s my nephew!”) from Pera Barrett http://bit.ly/2XBFI2D via IFTTT