Porirua, Ōtaki deaths: Authorities slammed for lack of response A mental health expert is calling health authorities’ response woeful as Porirua and Ōtaki grapple with a spate of sudden deaths.

Kia kaha whānaunga, good to see there’s some work underway. Asking for me: what’s happening right now in Otaki and nearby that you see making a positive difference to this? Cause I dont think it’s a cluster. Mental health is something we all need to think about, all of the time. If you’re doing something […]

Letter worth sharing – Don’t Be A Lemming

A lot of people you love have struggled with alcohol, I never thought I was one of them. But it’s been five months since I had a drink, and I realise now that I had never been in control of my relationship with drinking.
Not being in control of that relationship can mean different things for different people: sometimes wasted days hungover, sometimes sickness, jail, depression, sometimes death. So this is an important letter for you both.

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Letter worth sharing: A quietly kept bellow, the power of patience – Pera Barrett Keep practicing patience, it’s a quiet strength you can keep in your pocket and sometimes a well-timed silence is the most powerful voice in the room.

A letter I wrote Huhana and Kāhu about the power of patience. I reckon this is worth sharing. Bit hypocritical since I’m not exactly the picture of patience, but do as I say, aye? https://ift.tt/2IQ1dWU from Pera Barrett https://ift.tt/2IQ1dWU via IFTTT

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