Re-reading my #nzwritersforum notes: “Every child is a poet until they’re 9. When we laugh at their made up words & the way they don’t follow convention, we tell them they’re not like us, not like the normal…kids developing voice is easy, maintaining it is hard” – John Marsden.

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“You can’t be what you can’t see… we need to see more brown-skinned faces in books.” Choice korero from Paula Morris & Anita Heiss – Author – same goes 4 authors names ON books. Dam Native showed me that as a Māori, I could rap. Patricia Grace showd me I could write stories. Do the things. #NZWritersForum

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Shoebox Christmas Shoebox Christmas exists to make sure every Kiwi kid gets the choice christmas they deserve. We work with low decile schools and ensure every kid at those schools gets a Christmas present. We don’t select particular kids from these schools, we’re not into pointing fingers or doing something that…

Kia ora team, The last round of Wellington Shoebox Christmas sign ups are open! This is for people who can’t make it to a school to drop off directly. If you’re signing up now, you will be making contact with a volunteer Sunday Sled driver instead – the Sunday Sled driver will pick up from […]

WELLINGTON SHOEBOX CHRISTMAS Because every kiwi kid deserves a choice Christmas.

Round One of Wellington Shoebox Christmas sign-ups are open! This round is for people who CAN drop their gift off at a local school (you’ll choose the suburb) during school hours. There will be a second round in two weeks for people who can’t 🙂 Click the sign-up button on the front page, or check […]

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