Proud as of my cousin Minnie Doll who received her moko kauae yesterday from Hēmi Te Peeti out on the island. Tattoo bench on the deck, whānau, friends and waiata. Choice! from Pera Barrett via IFTTT

Stuff worth sharing – end of year 2018 edition I’m usually pretty lazy with this mailing list and don’t send out much other than the letters to my kids which I think are worth sharing. But I’ve committed to being more proactive at telling the stories I think add value. It’s not a new years resolution. It’s a now resolution. Like everyb…

A sum up of the stuff worth sharing from 2018 – or at least the stuff I reckon is worth sharing. Feel free to share it if you agree. Otherwise, catch you in 2019! Peace, Pera from Pera Barrett via IFTTT

Tourism operators say booming visitor numbers on Kāpiti Island have many benefits Tourism operators say growing visitor numbers on Kāpiti Island have many benefits.

Choice write-up on the motu with some words from the bro and old man. from Pera Barrett via IFTTT

Wellington Shoebox Christmas Thanks from Holy Family Kura :) This is a very cool little school, and it was super fun catching up, my favourite part of the project!

If you donated a Shoebox present or helped deliver one to a school, if you took the time to share a post so others heard about the project, then this catchy tuuuuune from Holy-Family Kura is for you! from Pera Barrett via IFTTT

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