Role models: be a good one – Pera Barrett If we’re friends on Facebook or real life, you might know the whole Israel Folau situation pisses me off. If we’re not, I summed up those feelings in this post on: I was reflecting over the weekend on why I’m still feeling/thinking about it. I don’t like carrying that kind of energy around t…

Be a role model, aye. from Pera Barrett via IFTTT

Darius Simpson & Scout Bostley – “Lost Voices” (CUPSI 2015) Support Button Poetry! Check out our newest project: Subscribe to Button! New video daily: Stream & Downl…

What Happens When A Black Man And A White Woman Speak For Each Other from Pera Barrett via IFTTT

How to use social media, according to a mental health expert Six tips from a psychologist for coping with the negative impacts of social media use, which research has linked to social isolation, loneliness, and depression.

“Approach social media mindfully, ask why?” – Social media platforms spend billions perfecting the art of pulling your attention and hijacking your time. Be intentional and aware of how successful those goals are being met, is it at the expense of your own? Ask yourself why you logged in, then ask if that reason, want, […]

New Zealander of the Year Awards New Zealander of the Year Awards

Do you know somebody who makes a difference for the rest of us? Nominations for New Zealander of the Year Awards are open. It’s an Aotearoa thing to be hesitant about celebrating ourselves, like the bro David Dallas said: “as kiwi kids it ain’t in our nature to boast.” And whakatauki like this sum up […]

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