Tourism operators say booming visitor numbers on Kāpiti Island have many benefits Tourism operators say growing visitor numbers on Kāpiti Island have many benefits.

Choice write-up on the motu with some words from the bro and old man. from Pera Barrett via IFTTT

Wellington Shoebox Christmas Thanks from Holy Family Kura :) This is a very cool little school, and it was super fun catching up, my favourite part of the project!

If you donated a Shoebox present or helped deliver one to a school, if you took the time to share a post so others heard about the project, then this catchy tuuuuune from Holy-Family Kura is for you! from Pera Barrett via IFTTT

Wellington Shoebox Christmas I got to hang out at Glenview Primary School after work tonight while they handed out the presents you all put together for these super-cool kids. In 2014 Shoebox Christmas was set up to deliver an extra Christmas smile for this great school. 4 years later, as a team you’re doing the same for 38 schools and 4400 children. on behalf of Glenview, and all those other playgrounds filled with children, thank you! Talk soon, Pera

A choice Thursday night. Kia ora Glenview School Porirua East from Pera Barrett via IFTTT

I gave a talk today about my car crash and my sisters and what living so close to death taught me about life. I’ve performed on stage enough to not be nervous about crowds in general, and I’ve written about, and contemplated, those things enough that it’s not really *painful* per se when I talk about them. But sharing that stuff without the safety lines on a page is probably the most emotionally exhaustive thing I voluntarily put myself through. If you’re ever around after I give that talk, and I seem a bit awkward or off, that’s why! Chur.

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Letter worth sharing – Don’t Be A Lemming – Pera Barrett A lot of people you love have struggled with alcohol, I never thought I was one of them. But it’s been five months since I had a drink, and I realise now that I had never been in control of my relationship with drinking. Not being in control of that relationship can mean different things for differe…

A letter I wrote Huhana and Kāhu about alcohol and lemmings. Kind of. from Pera Barrett via IFTTT