Pukapuka Episode – Why books matter: Warena, David & Pera (#4) – Paperback Guerrillas Podcast As Māori especially, it’s worth our time talking about books. We discuss benefits we’ve found in reading, Māori literacy and why Books matter.

Check out episode four of our Paperback Guerrillas Podcast with Dr. Ben Walker. We talk about performance-based-identity, parenting, career and more. Visit here for the episode, or search Paperback Guerrillas in your podcast app: https://bit.ly/2WMfe0t from Pera Barrett https://ift.tt/3bO8h3y via IFTTT

Just like everybody goes through life differently, we’re all going through this lockdown in our own way. For some people, the worst part is not being allowed to have a coffee, wine, or beer with their mate. Some are struggling to balance jobs with home-schooling a household of tamariki. Some have lost their jobs and livelihoods. Others are worried about losing their health or life. Others already have. Regardless of how your struggle seems compared to others, it’s real. It’s yours. But since we’re all doing this thing together for a while, it’s ours. Holla if you need help. Someone might have cut a path across what you’re going through right now. He waka eke noa – we’re all in this together.

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“(He say) Think of me when you think it’s hardest, live your dreams don’t take freedoms for granted, (he say) drink that sweet creek water spit them bars, It makes me feel like this steel ain’t no cage, that’s what art is.” Little snippet of something me and @tommyvza are working on over the weekend […]

Welcome to the first Saturday of #lockdown! For those of us able to work from home, I hope you’re still looking for, and finding, those bits of the mahi/work you love and enjoy. Libby Hakaraia and Tainui Stephens are inspirations for me when it comes to prioritising the work they love. So I felt privileged […]

Imagine your kuia/nana was passing away and the doctors told you all it would take to save her was changing your lifestyle for a month or two… Stay inside bros and sistas. That’s what we’re doing. #lockdown

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Siouxsie Wiles & Toby Morris: what does ‘level two’ mean – and why does it matter? The alert system signals the start of a new phase in NZ’s battle against Covid-19. Siouxsie Wiles explains what it means, with illustrations by Toby Morris. The Spinoff’s ongoing expert-led, evidence-based coverage of Covid-19 is funded by Spinoff Members. To support this work, join Spinoff M

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Kia ora e te whānau, Our podcast Paperback Guerrillas is live! The purpose of this podcast is a platform to share mana enhancing kōrero that we reckon adds value to the world, in the hope it helps someone to thrive. So it’s pretty simple, but it means the content can be pretty diverse! In episode […]

When we’ve figured out Coronavirus can we solve why Metlink: On Our Way print and pass you a pocketful of paper tickets/rubbish that are never checked, every time you catch a single-trip train? (Without recycling bins anywhere). Bigger problems, I know, but this one seems kinda easy…

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