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People will always be the problem, I get that. But on Friday we saw the scale of pain those very people can cause with a semi-auto. Do we need them? What if the cost is the chance of another fifty innocent lives? Is that a risk your hobby is worth? from Pera Barrett via […]

There’s a lot of love in Aotearoa. Right now, all of it goes to the whānau and loved ones of everyone affected in Christchurch. But there are also bad people, racists and fascists in our country. Āe, even here in Aotearoa. Any minority, especially, can tell you this. It’s never been hard to see, but I imagine it’s easier to forget when you’re not the one living the countless effects of systematic bias, hatred, the second looks, the hurtful names. Or worse. Nobody wants to imagine the worse that happened yesterday. But we could have. There are fascists here. If you are not them, WORK AGAINST THEM. You do this with love. Love for your neighbour. If all your neighbours look the same, walk down a different street. Spend time with people different from you. Get outside your circle and understand more about that person at work who doesn’t share your belief system, your skin colour, your preferences or way of life. Lots of us move in circles of people just like us. Step through the wall of that circle, even just for a bit. Spend some time outside it, get to know those people different to you so you can remember, underneath it all, when you get down to the things that matter, they’re not different at all. You’ll learn things you never knew. You’ll remember that yours is not the only way. And you’ll be working against the hatred. The people who are scared of those who aren’t like them. Those people are threatened because they don’t want to share OUR world with ways of life different from theirs. They’re scared of not being right. They want those walls to exist, it makes them feel strong. They’re not strong if we don’t let them be. Go and show somebody different to you some love. That’s how you beat hatred. Do it today, especially today we need it.

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This is awesome not just in the context of climate change, but all instances of power and systemic wrong where too many of us adults are happy to wander on along our timeline without taking action to make things better for the next generation. from Pera Barrett via IFTTT

So you think you’re Māori? – E-Tangata I was rehearsing a speech in Māori the other day when my 10-year-old son interrupted me to ask if, at the end of my total immersion reo Māori course, I would graduate as “a full Māori”. I had to pay him 20 bucks to use that quote in a public forum. That was the deal. …

It’s been a minute since I read something as 100% correct (…from my perspective, which is just one of 4.7 million!) from Pera Barrett via IFTTT

‘Frozen’ in the desert – figure skating Māori girl melts hearts When a little Māori girl twirled around the ice to a te reo Māori song in the Middle East recently she had no idea that her life was about to change. In the…

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Percieve – Always be there Percieve video clip by James Simpson, produced by C1.

Tēnā rawa atu koutou mō te aroha. Thanks everyone for the love. One of the highlights of picking up this award last night on behalf of the Shoebox Crew, was the fact someone from New Zealander of the Year Awards spent the time to find this oldie and play it as I walked to the […]

Meet the Barrett whanau the guardians of bird-lover’s paradise Kapiti island and Kapiti Island Nature Tours lodge – thisNZlife The vast majority of Kāpiti Island is a nature reserve. But 20 hectares of the iconic island is privately owned by a whānau dedicated to preserving their whakapapa — including the land and everything upon it — and sharing it with the world. Words: Lee-Anne Duncan Photos: Tessa Chrisp On Kāpit…

How we got here and what we’re doing. from Pera Barrett via IFTTT