I won an ASB Good as Gold award this week.

Some of you already know I enjoy praise/recognition about as much as a long, crowded lift ride. But my playing down of that stuff doesn’t mean I’m not grateful. I’m just not very good at pretending to be comfortable about it. I was lucky enough to receive a thank you and a break from Good as Gold last week, the video explains a bit more about why Shoebox Christmas exists. While I don’t see what I/we do as anything more than what we should all be doing as members of society, I appreciate the thank you and generosity of the gift.

Having said that, there are other people who make Shoebox Christmas happen – if you spread the word or have signed up to help, you’re one of them, so thank you.

Danielle Barrett, thanks for being an incredible co-parent and holding up the other 95% of our life while I do this stuff. Ngā mihi wāhine toa.

Joachim Davies thank you for being a selfless technical elf and laboring over the code that makes our sign up system remove literally months of manual spreadsheeting and emailing for all of us.

BNZ and DHL / Scott Pointon for the massive support over the last few years of scaling up.
And a new thank you to our Sled Driver Army who are helping make the magic happen this year.

Let me know if you think Shoebox Christmas is something you think should happen in your area or school and I’ll get in touch.

from Pera Barrett https://ift.tt/2O13cNP

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