Nanogirl Labs ‪Science is everywhere and science is for everyone but some people don’t think science is for them. Mātātoa – is our bilingual te reo Māori live science show from Nanogirl Labs designed to bring our ancestors stories to life with some help from science ? Starting in Mangatuna and Ruatoria in the East cape we took the show up to Kaikohe and Opononi through Turangi and finishing down in Dannevirke. We believe that to engage with science we need to see it in our own stories, and the stories from our ancestors. Thanks so much to our sponsors New World Four Square Supermarkets Meridian Energy The MacDiarmid Institute Faculty of Engineering, The University of Auckland Toyota New Zealand

“I could be a scientist.”

Lots of awesomeness in this video, but that little sentence, realisation, and affirmation from that little boy sums it up for me. That’s the power of taking the time and effort to make things relevant for our rangatahi. If, as adults, we think opportunity should be equal for our tamariki, then it’s up to us to make the effort to break down the barriers some of them have in seeing and grasping those opportunities. This is one way. There are a whole lot more. Pai tō mahi Nanogirl Labs
from Pera Barrett

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