BNZ Internet Banking demo Our online banking demo will give you a run-down of the features that you would experience as a BNZ customer. Any account or customer information you see is not from real customers. We also have multiple layers of security built in to our online banking that you won’t see here.

Nau mai haere mai ki te Wiki o te Reo Māori.
Welcome to Māori Language week.

Last year, i tīmata i whakamāori i te BNZ Internet Banking mātou, a bunch of us worked to translate our BNZ Internet Banking apps into Te Reo Māori (with the help of Reo Rangatira, Piripi Walker). We celebrated it during te Wiki o te Reo Māori but that wasn’t why we did it. We did it because we thought we should, and we could. I’m proud that we’ve carried on this mahi over the last year continuing to translate as we build. It’s not a once-off, it’s normalised and part of what we do.

If you haven’t already, check out Te Reo learning mode on the demo desktop version linked (it’s pretty choice) – just go to Settings > Language.
Or download the app and give it a go. The desktop version is more comprehensive.

PS I’m very much a beginner learner of Te Reo, and getting it wrong is part of my learning. Every mistake and correction is another taonga of knowledge I can hold to for my next jittery attempt to kōrero Māori online or in-person. And every attempt is another little taonga of confidence for that kete I’m trying to fill.
Kia kaha te Reo Māori. Give it a go #tereo
from Pera Barrett

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