Found myself getting distracted during whānau time by some Shoebox Christmas emails I knew I hadn’t replied to. I had to remind myself that’s usually a self-set expectation. Even though lots of things today are instant, most people still don’t expect an immediate reply to email. Then I had to remind myself I’m probably still outside their actual expectations! So I updated the auto-response on my Shoebox Christmas emails to include this: If you still need a response from me, it might take me a week, maybe longer. Sorry if that’s longer than expected, but in general, my priorities go something like this: 1) My mental health activities 2) Danielle, Huhana, Kāhu, my other immediate family and friends 3) Wider whānau 4) My paid 9-5 job 5) Shoebox Christmas (there are thousands of volunteers and children taking part this year, your email might not be the top of this list) That’s the only way they all get the aroha and mahi (love and work) they need. … Remember others’ priorities are not necessarily the same as yours. Aside from opening up the laptop/phone outside their allocated hours, what do you do to keep keep your priorities and balance? #hauorahinengaro #mentalhealth #balance

from Pera Barrett

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