Letter worth sharing: A quietly kept bellow, the power of patience – Pera Barrett Keep practicing patience, it’s a quiet strength you can keep in your pocket and sometimes a well-timed silence is the most powerful voice in the room.

A letter I wrote Huhana and Kāhu about the power of patience. I reckon this is worth sharing. Bit hypocritical since I’m not exactly the picture of patience, but do as I say, aye? https://ift.tt/2IQ1dWU from Pera Barrett https://ift.tt/2IQ1dWU via IFTTT

Pera’s Short story collection about stereotypes for empathy – would you read it?

Kia ora whanau, I’ve been writing short stories for adults, about realities I think too many people don’t realise exist. My plan is to put them together into a book. My hope is that it sparks empathy for the people around us who live in those worlds without choice. But I’m not sure if anyone […]

I had a nightmare about spreadsheets last night. Gridlines slicing through the columns, wrapping so tight around my chest I couldn’t breathe – OK, it was really about getting details wrong for a whole school of shoebox kids, but the Google Sheets backdrop was freaky.

from Pera Barrett https://ift.tt/2tGadtM via IFTTT